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At Pit Stop USA, we understand that finding the right master cylinder bore size for your vehicle can be a challenge. There are several variables that come into play, such as whether the master cylinder will be actuated manually or with the assistance of a booster, either hydraulic or vacuum operated. We have a great selection of master cylinders to choose from and can help you find the perfect one for your vehicle.

If you're building a custom race car or custom street machine with changes to the suspension, brakes, tires, and weight balance, you may need to do some testing to determine which master cylinder is right for your vehicle. We offer dual master cylinder pedal systems that are used extensively in race cars and have completely separate master cylinder systems for the front and rear brakes. This setup permits easy adjustment of front to rear brake bias with the integrated balance bar assembly.

Whether you're gently easing to a stop on your morning commute, or braking heavy after a 10-second run at the drag strip, we have the master cylinders needed to stop your car safely. Trust Pit Stop USA to provide you with the expertise and selection you need to find the perfect master cylinder for your vehicle.

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