Fire Retardant Underwear

Adding fire retardant underwear can greatly increase the level of protection when worn under your racing suit or helmet. We suggest fire retardant underwear be worn with all suits. As a racer, it is important to understand the necessity of wearing fire resistant underwear under a race suit. The racing suit provides initial protection from flames, but heat transfer can still occur. Without fire resistant underwear, any polyester, spandex, or non-fire resistant fabrics will melt onto the skin, causing second degree burns or worse. Even snaps or clasps can become dangerously hot. Fire resistant underwear acts as an additional barrier between the suit and skin, buying the racer more time before experiencing severe burns. At Pit Stop USA, we highly recommend that all racers invest in fire resistant underwear for their own safety on the track.

It is crucial for drivers to prioritize their safety while racing. One important aspect of safety gear is fire-resistant underwear. However, if a driver chooses not to wear it, they should ensure that they have a high-quality suit and avoid wearing anything underneath that may melt to their skin in case of fire. When shopping for safety equipment, it is important to learn about the materials used in the garments and how to care for them. Look for garments made from fire-resistant materials and certified by SFI or FIA. It is also important to know whether the garment is chemically treated, which may have a limited lifespan, or inherently fire-resistant, which will protect the driver for the life of the garment. Garments should be replaced when they have holes, do not fit, or are worn out. If the garment is treated cotton, it should only be washed 25 times before the fire resistance is washed out. Remember, safety should always be a top priority for drivers.

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