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Pit Stop USA offers a wide range of shields and blankets to ensure the safety of the driver and bystanders during a race. Our engine diapers are designed to contain engine oil and fragments, reducing the risk of control loss due to debris on the racing surface. Our transmission blankets meet SFI 4.1 specifications and are NHRA/IHRA-approved, providing reliable protection in the event of transmission explosions. The Torque Tube safety blanket is another essential safety measure that protects the driver's legs and feet in case of a U-joint failure. Our ballistic nylon covered blankets are equipped with quick release adjustable straps, making them easy to remove for servicing the torque ball and u-joint. Additionally, we offer transmission shields and flexplate shields to prevent shrapnel-spraying failures that could injure the driver or bystanders. Trust Pit Stop USA for all your race car safety needs.

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