RJS Racing Equipment

RJS Racing Equipment manufactures racing safety equipment for all types of racing. RJS Racing Equipment product line includes RJS 5-Point latch and link harnesses, RJS cam lock restraints, RJS fuel cells, RJS window nets, RJS Driving Gloves, RJS Racing Shoes, RJS fireproof Nomex underwear, RJS Proban Racing Suits, RJS Nomex Racing Suits, RJS Go-Kart suits and RJS quarter midget suits. RJS Fire Suits meet or exceed SFI requirements. RJS Proban Single Layer Driving Suits are constructed with Proban/FR-7A material and sewn with high quality Nomex thread, cuffs and zippers. RJS Nomex Single Layer Racing Suits and RJS Multi-Layer Suits are constructed with Nomex 3 Fabric and are sewn with high quality Nomex thread, cuffs and zippers. Double and Multi-Layer suits have an inner layer of Arimand/Kevlar blend material, channel quilted together with the Nomex 3 outer layer. RJS Nomex Underwear is flame retardant, and RJS Nomex Socks offer extra protection for feet and ankles. RJS Quarter Midget Suit is SFI 3-2A/1 approved has a fire-retardant lining and sewn with high quality Nomex thread, cuffs and zippers. RJS Double Layer Quarter Midget Suit is SFI 3-2A/5 approved. RJS Low Cut Racing Shoes and RJS High Top Driving Shoes are durable, comfortable and SFI 3.3/5 Rating. RJS Racing Shoes are constructed with high quality brushed leather, Arimand Kevlar liner, and high quality rubber sole. RJS NOMEX Double Layer Driving Gloves are SFI 3.3/5 approved. RJS Single Layer Racing Gloves are also available. Most RJS Economy Fuel Cells are equipped with AN#8 Fittings, Rollover Vent, AN#6 Fitting. We offer RJS Economy Fuel Cells like RJS 8 Gallon Fuel Cells, RJS 11 Gallon Fuel Cells, RJS 15 Gallon Fuel Cells and RJS 22 Gallon Fuel Cells and RJS 32 Gallon Fuel Cells. We also offer RJS Clear Flexible Elbow, RJS Fuel Cell Foam, RJS Rollover Vent and RJS Fender Fillers.

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