Emergency-Parking Brakes & Components

If you're tired of the stock emergency brake in your vehicle, consider upgrading to one of our aftermarket hand brakes. Our hand brakes are designed with a ratchet-cut gear plate and lock that are heat-treated for strength and safety. They also come with a clevis for easy installation with our emergency brake cables.

For a cleaner and more convenient option, we also offer under-the-dash foot operated emergency brakes. These provide easy operation with a sleek design that won't clutter your vehicle's interior.

No matter what you call it, whether it's the emergency brake, parking brake, or hand brake, they all function similarly. By pressing a pedal or pulling a lever, a dedicated set of pads or shoes engage the rear brakes, locking them up for secure parking. To ensure proper function, you may need a cable that links the emergency brake controls to the brakes, and we have a great selection at affordable prices. Upgrade your emergency brake with our aftermarket hand brakes today.

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