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Looking to gain an edge over the competition? Look no further than Pit Stop USA for a wide selection of both front- and rear-axle differentials from industry-leading manufacturers such as Eaton, Detroit Locker, Auburn Gear, Ford Racing, Yukon Gear Axle, Currie, Strange, Moser, and more. Our differentials are available for a variety of axle models and sizes, including the Dana 44, Ford 9-inch and 8.8-inch, and GM 10.5-inch. Additionally, we offer a range of lightweight aluminum differential covers, chrome rear-end covers, and durable covers for circle track, drag racing, and off-road applications. Not only do these covers provide reliable and leak-free protection, but they can also reduce deflection under heavy torque loads. Upgrade your ride's differential today with top-name brands from Pit Stop USA.

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