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Head and Neck restraints are important in every level of racing. We offer a huge selection of devices including the HANS Device and the Hybrid Series. All Head and Neck Restraint models are SFI 38.1 certified endure rigorous testing to guarantee our drivers the confidence they need when they are on the track. We feature HANS Device and the Simpson Hybrid Series of Head and Neck Restraints. In addition we offer Z-Tech Head & Neck Restraints, NecksGen, Stand 21, Stilo HANS Zero and more all at our low everyday prices. At Pit Stop USA, we are experts in Head and Neck Restraint products. It is our commitment to assist you by offering you the best auto racing safety products and technology and backing it up with expert advise to help you to make the right decision for your type of racing. We don't believe that there is one single head and neck restraint product that is perfect for everyone. Give us a call and we will help you determine which product is right for you!

How to Compare Han Device and other SFI 38.1 Head and Neck Restraint Systems Choosing a Head and Neck Restraint:

There are currently several choices of Head and Neck Restraints available to the racer. These products are offered under the HANS Device, Simpson Hybrid, Zamp Z-Tech, Stand 21, Schroth, Stilo, Meru Safety and other brands. All auto racing Head and Neck Restraints must meet or exceed the SFI 38.1 Specification established by the SFI Foundation for motorsports competition. This SFI Specification establishes uniform test procedures and minimum standards for evaluating and determining performance capabilities for Head and Neck Restraint Systems used by individuals engaged in competitive motorsports. The SFI Foundation defines a Head and Neck Restraint as follows: “An active Head and Neck Restraint System is a protection ensemble providing an alternative load path which decreases both neck stress and head excursion during a vehicle impact without reliance on helmet impact into structures or nets. The SFI 38.1 Specification requires that the “Head and Neck Restraint System must be designed and manufactured to allow freedom of movement of head, torso, arms, etc., commensurate with operating a race vehicle under all race and associated conditions.” According the SFI Foundation, “Effective January 1, 2012, the SFI Foundation requires that Head and Neck Restraint Systems shall be inspected for recertification every five years after the date of original certification. Product inspection, maintenance, and/or replacement procedure is per individual manufacturer. Inspection must be done by the original manufacturer only, and not their authorized resellers or dealers. When a unit is determined by the manufacturer to be acceptable for continued service and in compliance with the current version of the specification, the original manufacturer shall place on the product a new SFI 38.1 conformance label marked with the inspection date.” While many tracks and sanctions do not currently require the use or recertification of head and neck restraints, the SFI Foundation clearly feels that all head and neck restraints should be inspected and either recertified or replaced after 5 years from the manufacturing date.

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