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Don't waste your money renting from the track, buy your own Transponder or RaceCeiver and keep it forever. Many tracks are charging $20 or more a night just for the transponder now you don't have to worry about forgetting to return it at the end of the night. Race Receivers including RACEceiver scanners are the worlds smallest scanners and required by most tracks and sanctions. RACEceiver scanners have frequencies between 450-470mhz. Many new options are available including the Nitro Bee and REceiver?PRO that have enhanced audio quality and reception. Pit Stop USA offers NASCAR and IMSA style Radio communications system packages from that combine everything you need to connect driver and crew chief with popular handheld radios, headset, push to talk, and more! We carry a full line of scanner antennas, scanner cases, race belts, scanner splitter cables, Pole Position scanner amplifiers, and scanner headsets including professional quality Active Noise Reduction Headphones and AM/FM Scanner Headphones, stock car radio system and handheld scanners.

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