Racers everywhere use an electric winch to load and unload their racecars. They are also extensively used by off-road enthusiasts everywhere. Before electric winches, a vehicle would’ve had a power take-off winch (PTO), which required the engine to be running in order for the winch to work. Then came the electric winch that could operate even if the vehicle was stalled on a steep hill. The popularity of the electric winch quickly made entry to off-road racers, avid four wheelers, weekend adventurers, and hard-working ranchers. With the growth of the ATV market in the 1980s, the first dedicated powersports winch was introduced, which created an entirely new segment of products. These winches allowed ATV owners the ability for self-recovery, and let riders push their vehicles to the limit without fear of getting stuck. Pit Stop USA has a great selection of winches from Warn, Superwinch and more at low everyday prices.

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