Bulk Fasteners

Pit Stop USA has a great selection of fasteners to get your job done right. They help hold parts in place while preventing excess vibration and pressure. There are many different types of fasteners. The different types also come with a reasonably high level of variability.

We offer many different types of fasteners, here are the most common ones:

Bolts: These fasteners help to hold two unthreaded parts together.

Screws: Screws are versatile fasteners with durable holding power.

Nuts: A nut has internal threads that works with a bolt to hold components together.

Washers: Washers work together with nuts and bolts and serve important fastening functions.

Rivets: These are permanent fasteners that help secure several different types of components.

There are many types of fasteners out there. Every one of them works for specific types of applications. You must understand the unique uses of each of the types of fasteners. This will help you know which fastener to use for your application.

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