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For over 30 years, Howe Racing Enterprises has built better racing products helping you to run faster and win races. Howe Racing Enterprises complete line of racing components will help to put you in the winners circle. Since 1984 every Howe radiator has started with a U.S. made aluminum core. Howe radiators are 100% TIG welded. Howe Steering Quickeners were introduced to racing in 1986. The Howe Stealth HD Steering Quickener uses a patent pending multiple gear design to that is superior to any other steering quickener. Howe Centerlinks are made to replace popular stock models and are NASCAR legal. Howe 5x5 hubs are the industry standard for 5x5 hub design. Howe Contender III Wide 5 Hubs are light weight yet strong enough to be used at any track. Howe precision ball joints offer the precision of a spherical bearing with the misalignment range of a ball joint. Howe Crossover Headers offer easier fit and less upper engine heat than 180 degree headers. Howe Iron Lung Headers are of the greatest advantage in the most restricted applications such as no porting, two barrel carburetors or restrictor plates. Howe 2 into 1 mufflers come in different lengths to meet various sound limits. When used in combination with the Howe Y-pipe you will see significant increases in torque. The Howe Double Barrel Muffler is produced with an oval case for much greater durability. Howe Racing produced the first short track nose panels in the early 1970's. The Howe Eclipse Front End Gauge is a revolution in front end gauge design and is the most accurate gauge on the market. Howe Master Cylinders have an aluminum housing with unmatched consistency and finish. Howe steel calipers were introduced in the 70's as a lightweight alternative to stock GM calipers. The Howe dual piston calipers are designed to provide maximum braking in a GM mount caliper. Howe GM Metric calipers are nearly a pound lighter than the most common OEM version.

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