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Are you tired of inconsistent engine performance and rough starts? Look no further than Engine Pre-Heaters! Our internal oil pre-heaters are designed to preheat your oil before each run, ensuring greater consistency and smoother operation. Unlike converted water heater designs, our pre-heaters feature a heater element specifically designed to avoid scorching or boiling the oil. External heating pads are also available for the pre-heating of oil pans, tanks, and automatic transmission pans. They bring your oil up to operating temperature before each race for more consistent times or can be used to protect against cold start-ups on a variety of automotive and powersports applications. Our Engine Pre-Heaters are available with self-adhesive or hookspring attachment methods, and have an etched foil design that distributes heat evenly, and a silicone outer shell that resists oil and dirt. Get your Engine Pre-Heater today from Pit Stop USA at low everyday prices!

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