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Moroso Performance Products is one of the worlds most respected suppliers of automotive equipment for racing and street performance applications. Moroso manufactures over 3000 products, from Moroso oil pans and Moroso oiling systems, to Moroso ignition wire, Moroso ignition components, Moroso valve covers, Moroso fuel system equipment, Moroso air cleaners, Moroso hard-core racing tools, Moroso chassis and suspension equipment, Moroso performance parts. Moroso has an impressive list of customers, ranging from grass-roots racers to top level NASCAR Nextel Cup and NHRA/IHRA race teams. Moroso was started in 1968 by Dick Moroso, one of the most successful modified production drag racers on record. Dick left his racing career to design, test and manufacture specialized products aimed exclusively at racer's needs. The performance world quickly recognized that Moroso products were a cut above the others because they were designed and built for racers - by a racer! Dick Moroso was responsible for many innovations in the high performance industry. Moroso pioneered many Moroso racing products including Moroso deep-sump oil pans, Moroso electric water pumps, Moroso tall valve covers and others. The Moroso heritage continues with their constantly updated manufacturing and quality control systems. Computers with the latest CAD/CAM software have replaced the drafting tables and the Moroso plant is filled with sophisticated CNC machinery, including turret punch presses, turning centers, lathes and robotic welders. The combination of highly skilled craftsmen and highly accurate machinery guarantees that the tradition of quality started by Dick Moroso over 36 years ago will continue throughout the coming decades. You can count on Moroso's continued commitment to the values that have consistently earned it the respect of the performance aftermarket industry.

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