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Pit Stop USA has a huge selection of driver safety equipment from all of the top brands in motorsports.

Helmets and Accessories: Pit Stop USA offers the latest Snell SA2020 and FIA Homologated helmets. We offer a fantastic selection of all the latest auto racing helmets along with a wide variety of helmet shields, helmet parts, tearoffs and more.

Snell SA2015 vs SA2020 what’s changed?

The Snell SA2020 testing requirements have changed a small amount from the Snell SA2015 requirements and have now become more in line with the FIA 8859 Helmet Standard. We also offer helmets with the FIA 8860 Standard.

Increased velocity by 5-10% for impact testing on the 2nd hit across all shell sizes.

Increased velocity from 5.7 to 6.0 m/s on the 54cm to 59cm size.

Increased peak G threshold on the 54cm to 59cm size and 60cm-64cm size.

A correctly fitted helmet should feel as if an evenly distributed pressure is continuously being exerted around the head and cheeks. Helmets, like shoes, will break in. For this reason, the helmet should fit as tight as you can stand to wear it. Once fastened, make sure the helmet cannot be pulled off of the head in any direction. If the helmet moves significantly, the helmet is too big. First time helmet buyers tend to choose helmets that are too loose or too big. If the helmet does not fit well, it cannot deliver the level of protection you need. 

We offer a great selection of Auto Racing Helmets including Arai Helmets, B2 Helmets, Bell Helmets, G-Force Helmets, Impact Helmets, Pyrotect Helmets, RaceQuip Helmets, Simpson Helmets, Stilo Helmets and Zamp Helmets in stock and ready to ship. Whether you are looking for a Full Face Helmet, Open Face Helmet, Forced Air Helmet or a Youth Helmet for your kids, Pit Stop USA has the helmet you need at low everyday prices.

In addition we offer a wide variety of Motorcycle and UTV Helmets, Karting Helmets, Helmet Accessories, Helmet Shields and Parts, Helmet Bags, Helmet Blowers and Cooling Systems, Racing Communications, Helmet Care Products from Molecule, Helmet Skirts, and Tear-Offs from Racing Optics and Ultra Shield.

Pit Stop USA offers a huge selection of SFI 38.1 certified and FIA 8858-2010 approved Head and Neck Restraints and Supports including the latest models from HANS Device such as the HANS III Device, HANS Pro Ultra Device, HANS Pro Ultra Lite Device, and the Youth HANS III Device. We also carry the Simpson Hybrid product range including the Simpson Hybrid Sport, Simpson Hybrid Pro Lite models in also sizes from child through adult. Another great option are the NecksGen brand featuring the NecksGen REV and NecksGen REV2 Lite and NecksGen REV2 Carbon that feature a lightweight design that are very popular in many forms of racing. The Schroth SHR Flex Restraint offers angle adjustment for racers looking for flexibility to compete in different types of racing. Stand 21 Club Series 3 combines excellent protection in a lightweight, affordable package. The Stilo HANS Zero combines the best of the Simpson Group, a fresh Italian design engineered in partnership with Italian helmet manufacturer Stilo, for extreme lightness along with HANS proven technology to create the lightest, most comfortable HANS Device ever. Zamp Racing features the best values in the Head and Neck Restraint category with their extremely popular Z-Tech Head & Neck Retraints lineup including the Z-Tech Series 2A, Z-Tech Series 3A, Z-Tech Series 6A and Z-Tech Series 8A models.

Pit Stop USA offers the best selection of Auto Racing Suits you will find anywhere. Whether you want a basic single layer SFI-1 Rated firesuit, an SFI-5 multi-layer race suit or an FIA Approved driver suit we have it. Choose from  from Alpinestars Racing Suits, Bell Racing Suits, G-Force Racing Suits, Impact Racing Suits, K1 RaceGear Racing Suits, OMP Racing Suits, Pyrotect Racing Suits, RaceQuip Racing Suits, RJS Racing Suits, Simpson Racing Suits, Sparco Racing Suits and more. We have the firesuit you are looking for at the best prices around.

Pit Stop USA also offers the most choices of Auto Racing Shoes of any retailer perfect for any type of racing. We offer driver shoes including Alpinestars Racing Shoes, Bell Racing Shoes, Crow Racing Shoes, G-Force Racing Shoes, Impact Racing Shoes, K1 RaceGear Racing Shoes, Momo Racing Shoes, OMP Racing Shoes, Pyrotect Racing Shoes, RJS Racing Shoes, RaceQuip Racing Shoes, Simpson Racing Shoes, Sparco Racing Shoes, Velocity Race Gear Racing Shoes and Zamp Racing Shoes.

Need a new pair of Driver Gloves? Pit Stop USA offers more choices of Auto Racing Gloves than any other retailer. Grab a new pair of Alpinestars Racing Gloves, Bell Racing Gloves, Crow Racing Gloves, G-Force Racing Gloves, Impact Racing Gloves, K1 RaceGear Racing Gloves, MPI Racing Gloves, Momo Racing Gloves, OMP Racing Gloves, PXP Racing Gloves, Pyrotect Racing Gloves, RJS Racing Gloves, RaceQuip Racing Gloves, Simpson Racing Gloves, Sparco Racing Gloves, Velocity Race Gear Racing Gloves or Zamp Racing Gloves and get a better grip on the steering wheel with your new Driving Gloves.

Pit Stop USA has an amazing assortment of Fire Retardant Racing Underwear, Driver Cooling Systems, Equipment Dryers, Fire Extinguishers and Fire Suppression Systems, Helmet and Gear Bags, Karting Gear including Karting Suits, Karting Shoes and Karting Gloves, Parachutes and Components, Roll Bar Padding, Racing Seat Belts and Harnesses, Window Nets and more. Don't waste your day motorsports shopping at those other racing web sites. We make you a safe racer every time!

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