Zamp Helmets is dedicated to the development of superior helmet technology. Zamp Helmets are manufactured using rigid specifications to ensure quality and performance. The three key components to ensure the quality and performance are: Safety, Comfort, and Cosmetic Appeal. Safety: As you evaluate the product line, you will see the safety standards which are met by each product. The key to our product is that we develop it to meet the safety standards, but then go beyond them to evaluate items which may help prevent incidents from happening. Standards give an effective method to check overall performance, but sometimes the "little things" can also make a difference. High quality materials and workmanship are used on all of our products, so while the prices of our products are often lower than that of our competitors', the safety and quality remain high. The price of our product should not equate to the safety of that product, it usually equates to the features and function of that product. Comfort: In our opinion, comfort is a huge safety factor. A helmet that does not fit you properly or that creates pressure points compromises its safety. Using a product which does not fit you properly can create fatigue and non-alertness to the environment you are in. This is why we suggest buying your product at a local dealer to ensure the comfort and safety of your product. There are many different shaped heads, so trying on several models will help insure proper comfort. Wear a helmet because you want to, not because you have to. We strive on new ways to enhance the fit and function which is why use the latest comfort liner materials and offer easy-to-use removable/washable interiors on several of our models. In addition, you can customize the fit of your helmet through purchasing varied sizes of liners or cheek pads if the standard factory size does not fit you. We also use new and innovative methods of ventilation which help to keep you cool. The key to venting is getting cool air in and out of your helmet. Cosmetic Appeal: Wearing a stylish helmet is also an important part of the package. Therefore, we offer products which give both you and your peers the latest in technology, style, and reliability. By using the latest in technology, we are able to give you appealing graphics which give others a positive impression. Innovative Shell Designs give you both improved aerodynamics and appeal. Vents, rubber trims, and plastic parts are made using quality materials which give long lasting reliability.

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