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We proudly feature Wilwood Disc Brakes. For nearly three decades, Wilwood has been deeply involved in all types of motor sports. This involvement includes more than just hands-on experience from expert design and development engineers. Wilwood's high performance racing disc brake components include Wilwood Brake Calipers, Wilwood Brake Rotors, Wilwood Rotor Mounting Hats, Wilwood Wide 5 Hubs, Wilwood Master Cylinders, Wilwood Brake Pedals and other Wilwood Disc Brakes components. Wilwood Brake Calipers are offered with a choice of piston sizes, construction and material and feature Stainless steel pistons or Wilwood's exclusive multi-piece insulated ThermlockA pistons. We offer Wilwood Forged Billet Superlite Calipers, Wilwood Forged Billet Dynalite Calipers, Wilwood GM Metric Calipers, Wilwood GM III Calipers, Wilwood Billet Dynalite Single Calipers, Wilwood Billet NDL Calipers, Wilwood Billet Dynalite Calipers, Wilwood Forged Billet Superlite FSL Calipers, Wilwood Superlite III Calipers, Wilwood Billet Superlite 4 Calipers and Wilwood Superlite III Calipers. Wilwood Engineering produces over 120 different types of high performance disc brake rotors designed specifically for racing applications and Wilwood brake rotors are considered the best in the industry. Wilwood's Rotor Mounting Hats have been precision machined from high strength, lightweight aluminum alloy. Wilwood Engineering's racing brake and clutch pedal assemblies are the result of years of hands-on experience and input from racers and chassis builders that result in durable, lightweight components. Wilwood High-Volume Aluminum Master Cylinders represent the latest refinements in brake pressure actuation and fluid control. The Wilwood PolyMatrix Brake Pads are widely used in all type of motor sports. Wilwood PolyMatrix racing brake pads are available in a highly diversified selection of compounds and pads.

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