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Racers have chosen BUTLERBuilt Professional Seat Systems for their seating needs for over 20 years. BUTLERBuilt has always been proactive in their approach to seating issues. BUTLER Built works hard to stay abreast of any and all seat related issues since pioneering the first custom-built aluminum seat structure for superspeedway racing 20 years ago. In the summer of 2001, Autoliv, an automotive research company specializing in crash data acquisition in Auburn Hills MI., performed sled testing on our BUTLERBuilt seats. Autoliv's test facility features one of the highest velocity, highest G force sleds in the world. Simply put, tests results proved BUTLERBuilt seats out performed all other seat manufacturers PERIOD! BUTLERBuilt Professional Seat Systems is focused on providing you with the very best products you can trust and deserve. The BUTLERBuilt Pro-Sportsman Series Racing Seat incorporates all the latest technology and innovations you have come to expect from BUTLERBuilt Professional Seat Systems. Custom fit to assure maximum comfort and strength, the CUSTOM Pro-Sportsman Series seat offers exceptional design features at affordable prices. We offer BUTLERBuilt Shoulder Supports, BUTLERBuilt Leg Supports and BUTLERBuilt Seat Mounting Accessories. BUTLERBuilt Replacement Seat Covers and Upholstery is available for all BUTLER Built seats and accessories. BUTLERBuilt Aluminum Steering Wheel is the lightest steering wheel on the market and has larger diameter tube for better grip, Reduces hand fatigue and is powdercoated in Black, Red, or Plain Finish. BUTLERBuilt Air Management Systems include BUTLERBuilt Oil Cooler Ducts, BUTLERBuilt Brake Ducts and BUTLERBuilt NACA Ducts. We offer BUTLERBuilt Aluminum Racing Seats from BUTLERBuilt Motorsports Equipment at low everyday prices.

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