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Since 1972, Tilton Engineering has been committed to supplying innovative products backed by over 30 years of race winning heritage. Over the past 35 years, Tilton Engineering has advanced their reputation as a technological leader through constant innovation and product refinement. We offer Tilton Driveline Components, Tilton Brake & Controls, Tilton Racing Products and Tilton Super Starters. Tilton Pedal Assemblies are available in Firewall-mount, Overhung, Floor-mount and Remote-mount configurations. Tilton Master Cylinders and Tilton Master Cylinder Kits are available in several configurations. Tilton 73-Series master cylinders have large brake fluid capacity in a leak-proof integral reservoir. Tilton 74-Series Master Cylinder Kits aluminum cylinders are anodized for wear and corrosion resistance. Tilton 75-Series Master Cylinders have a shorter black anodized body length for mounting in tight areas. Tilton 76-Series Master Cylinders inlet port is designed to accept AN4 fittings and screw on reservoirs. Tilton 77-Series Master Cylinders are pivot-type master cylinders are designed for use Tilton's low friction pivot-type balance bar and pedal assemblies. Tilton Remote Brake Bias Adjusters allow the driver to quickly adjust brake bias. Tilton Brake Proportioning Valves enables adjustments of the brake force. Tilton Driveline Packages include a Tilton bellhousing, Tilton OT-Series clutch, Tilton billet steel flywheel, Tilton hydraulic release bearing assembly, Tilton Super Starter and related hardware. Sonic Rear-mount Starter packages have been designed specifically for the short track racer. The Tilton Super Starter is the original high torque mini-starter and the benchmark for performance and reliability. Since its introduction in 1981, the Super Starter has earned a reputation for uncompromised quality. This reputation has made the Super Starter the most widely used starter in motorsports.

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