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Trans-Dapt Performance has offered transmission adapters, carburetor adapters and oil filter adapters for over 50 years. Trans-Dapt Performance Products is using the latest in CNC machining and CAD design to ensure that Trans-Dapt Performance Products philosophy of providing quality performance parts is not compromised. Trans-Dapt Aluminum Carburetor Spacers Quickly improve the performance of your vehicle's powerplant. Trans-Dapt carb spacers lengthen the intake plenum increasing it's volume, and speeding up flow. Trans-Dapt Carb spacers lengthen the intake plenum increasing it's volume, and speeding up flow. Trans-Dapt has been the leader in carburetor spacers and adapters for more than four decades. Trans-Dapt expertise in this field ensures that any Trans-Dapt spacer you install will perform at it's best. Trans-Dapt carb spacers are available in several different material and port design combinations. Trans-Dapt Performance Products Universal carburetor adapters are reversible, and allow you to create virtually any intake manifold / carburetor combination. Trans-Dapt Performance Products carburetor gaskets are stamped from 1/16" thick cellulose-nitrile sheets. They are designed to work with Trans-Dapt spacers, and are the recommended gasket for use with Trans-Dapt carburetor spacers and adapters. Trans-Dapt Performance Products Carburetor Stud Kits can be used with both Trans-Dapt carb spacers and Trans-Dapt carb adapters, as well as, other popular brands of carburetor spacers and carburetor adapters. Trans-Dapt Performance Products Throttle Return Spring Kits come complete with chrome plated brackets, springs and fasteners. Trans-Dapt Performance Products Spin-On Oil Filter Bypass Adapters spin on in place of the stock oil filter. Inlets and outlets are threaded 1/2"NPT. Use bypass adapters for plumbing remote filters. We feature Trans-Dapt Performance Products at low everyday prices.

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