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Since 1978, Sweet Manufacturing has been providing racers with steering products that offer a competitive advantage. We feature Sweet Rack and Pinions, Sweet Steering Boxes, Sweet Power Steering Pumps, Sweet Power Steering Pump Brackets, Sweet Power Steering Hose Kits, Sweet Power Steering Tanks, Sweet Steering Universal Joints, Sweet Steering Couplers, Sweet Steering Columns, Sweet Steering Wheel Disconnects, Sweet Steering Wheels, Sweet Spindles, Sweet Brake Caliper Brackets, Sweet Torque Absorbers, Sweet Panhard Bar Brackets and much more! Sweet Integrated servo rack and pinions made in the USA with the finest available materials. We also offer Sweet Remote Servo Rack and Pinions and Sweet Manual Rack & Pinions. Sweet Lightweight Power Steering Servo and Sweet Power Steering Servos have been the industry standard for nearly 20 years. Sweet NASCAR steering boxes are 100% new, not rebuilt highway boxes. All Sweet Spindles are left ackerman adjuster. Sweet 600 Series Sportsman Steering Box is for the budget minded racer. Every Sweet Power Steering pump is tested and adjusted for correct flow and pressure. Sweet Universal Joints are strong and precise. Use Sweet Deluxe Adjustable Steering Columns, Sweet lightweight Adjustable Steering Columns, Sweet Power Steering Tanks, Sweet Power Steering Tank Brackets, Sweet Power Steering Hose Kits, Sweet Power Steering Pump Brackets, Sweet Mono Ball Steering Shaft Mounts, Sweet Power Steering Fluid, Sweet Steering Wheels, Sweet Steering Wheel Pad and Sweet Quick Release Steering Wheel Hubs to complete your race car steering system assembly. Sweet Aluminum Torque Absorbers can be used in the top link, the right rear trailing arm, or the panhard bar to increase forward bite and promote traction. We stock Sweet Aluminum Panhard Bar Brackets, Sweet Aluminum Top Link Brackets, Sweet Aluminum Brake Caliper Brackets, Sweet Aluminum Carb Covers and Sweet Aluminum Panhard Bar Hoops.

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