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Reid Racing manufactures the strongest, highest quality transmission and off-road products. Reid Racing, Inc. started in 2006 as a spin off from Dedenbear Products, Inc. Dedenbear Products was started in 1979 by Dennis and Debra Reid. In the 1970s Dennis was an engineer that raced an NHRA Super Stock Corvette. During this time, he needed a way to improve the starting line performance of his car and ended up designing a portable timer to measure the launch. He sold the race car and used the money to fund the start up of Dedenbear Products which specialized in manufacturing low cost racing timing systems. While helping a friend whose car consistently red lighted, Dennis came up with the idea of delaying the release of the transmission brake by means of an electronic delay unit. He invented and patented the first Delay Box which Dedenbear Products started manufacturing in the early 1980s. As they say, the rest is history. The Delay Box became a standard item on virtually all bracket race cars and Dedenbear Products really took off. Numerous other patented inventions such as throttle stops, throttle stop controllers, automated shifters, and more advanced delay boxes followed. This created tremendous growth and established Dedenbear Products reputation of inventing and building inventive high quality products.

In the 1990s, GM Powerglide transmission cases were becoming scarcer and it was becoming apparent that the stock GM cases were starting to be overpowered by the larger engines being built. Dennis consulted with many racers and racing transmission companies and ended up redesigning the Powerglide to be much stronger and better performing. The new case ended up being called the Superglide and 2 years later the tooling was completed and production started. It was an instant success and in classes where the Superglide was allowed, virtually every world championship since its introduction has been won by a racer using the case.

By the mid 2000s, Dedenbear Products, Inc. started production of off-road drivetrain components. At that time, the product lines became so diverse that completely different skills were required to properly service and create new products, which became unwieldy for a single company. To specialize in each product line, Reid Racing, Inc. was created and spun off from Dedenbear Products, Inc. Dedenbear manufactured its traditional line of Drag Racing Products (primarily electronic products), while Reid Racing, Inc. specialized in transmission and off-road products. In 2007, Auto Meter Competition Instruments purchased Dedenbear Products, Inc. and moved operations to Illinois.

Reid Racing, Inc. stayed in California still under the ownership of Dennis and Debra Reid with the same facilities, personnel and renowned customer service. An ever expanding line of transmission and off-road drive train products are being produced everyday by Reid Racing, Inc. to meet current and future needs for racers who demand the highest quality innovative products for their cars.

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