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Since 1992, QuickCar Racing Products has been manufacturing quality race car components and is a leader in the racing products industry. We offer QuickCar Ignition Panels, QuickCar Race Car Wiring Kits, QuickCar Gauge Panels, QuickCar Timing Systems, QuickCar Chassis Setup Tools, QuickCar Pit Equipment, QuickCar Steering Wheels, QuickCar Safety Equipment and much more! QuickCar Gauge Panels have revolutionized the way racers view their gauges. QuickCar gauge panels come with wiring, pilot lights, switches, and your choice of mechanical gauges including Stewart Warner Maximum Gauges, Stewart Warner Gauges, Auto Meter Sport-Comp Gauges, Auto Meter Ultra-Lite Gauges, Auto Meter Ultra-Nite Gauges and Auto Meter Liquid Filled Gauges. QuickCar Ignition Control Panels are the products that gave QuickCar Racing Products an inroad to the racing. QuickCar Racewire is used by many NASCAR teams and chassis builders. QuickCar Tire Pressure Gauges are regarded as the most reliable tire pressure gauge in the industry. QuickCar Digital Tire Pyrometer measures tire temperatures so you can make chassis adjustments for optimum performance. QuickCar QuickScales have many of the premium scale options at an affordable scale price and are backed with a full 2 year warranty. QuickCar Bumpsteer Gauges allow you to measure tire tracking through the actual travel of the wheel. Quality dished style QuickCar steering wheels are available in 15 or 17 inch diameter. QuickCar Floor Mats are insulated with fiberglass and covered with a heavy-duty material. Quickcar Torque Absorbers are I.M.C.A legal. This machined torque absorber is made from solid steel. It is lighter and provides up to 4" more travel than the spring torque absorber. The QuickCar Outlaw Torque Absorber is specifically designed to meet the needs of racers using todays harder compound tires to provide the ultimate in forward bite in dryslick situations.

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