Focusing their efforts on Muscle Cars, Proforged offers a wide variety of suspension tubes and components for many makes and models.

Musclecars were designed from the factory to do one thing: go fast in a straight line. Suspension technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the time since these cars rolled off the production line, and Proforged Tall Ball Joints bring modern technology to the classic musclecar suspension.

In a modern performance car, the top of the tire leans inwards around a turn (called negative camber) to ensure maximum contact with the road. Classic musclecars are the opposite: the top of the tire actually leans outwards (positive camber), yielding a small tire contact patch and poor handling.

Proforged Tall Ball Joints correct this issue, reversing the camber curve to yield a night-and-day improvement in handling. Proforged Tall Ball Joints utilize forged SAE4135 chromoly ball studs and forged SAE1045 housings, which feature a virtually rustproof black electrocoating (e-coating) for durability and great looks.Our History

New products are designed using the latest CAD programs and prototypes are validated through hardness testing, microstructure analysis, surface finish examination and roundness testing. We ensure application suitability through extensive tensile and elasticity strength testing, stud pullout testing, stud impact testing, salt spray tests, and cycle testing for durability.

The result is a finished product that is superiorly strong, durable, and free of defects ? exactly what today?s performance enthusiast demands.

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