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Powermaster Motorsports is the leader in high performance OEM replacement alternators and starters for the automotive industry. Powermaster Motorsports also offers alternator kits that include pulleys, belts and brackets. Powermaster has rapidly become a force in the industry. Built on service and backed by an enviable reputation for product quality and reliability, Powermaster tests every starter and alternator on their custom manufactured starter and alternator dynos. Powermaster will get you started and keep you going, guaranteed! Powermaster XS Power 16 Volt batteries are an AGM design with unmatched performance. Powermaster both designs and manufactures their own brackets, starter blocks, and other parts in their well equipped, controlled CNC environment. Powermaster starters are available in several different styles which have different torque ratings. Powermaster XS Torque Starters are an excellent choice for highly modified engines or where heat soak or space limitations is a concern. Powermaster ULTRA Torque works well in a variety of applications. Ideal for hardcore racing, itas the ultimate performance starter..period! Powermaster Master Torque Mini Starters are an excellent choice for small and big block race or highly modified street applications. Powermaster Denso style race alternators feature true one wire hookup with set voltage of 14.9V, high output to weight ratios, low drag, high speed bearings and black heat dispersant coating. Powermaster Pro Series Alternator Kits cover all forms of circle track racing and give the racer some choices for mounting locations, including the front of the engine, or off either the quick change or Ford 9a rear end. All kits come with a true one wire alternator, alternator pulley, and preassembled bracket. We sell Powermaster starters, Powermaster alternators, Powermaster Pro Series Alternator Mount Kits and Powermaster batteries at low everyday prices!

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