Since 1936, NGK has lead the industry in technology, innovation and world class design. When you require the best, count on The World Leader in spark plug technology NGK Spark Plugs. NGK Racing Spark Plugs have been firing racing engines throughout the world many years. NGK Spark Plugs has become an icon in spark plug technology and offer racers a high quality product that will help rocket them to victory. Every NGK Spark Plug is designed to withstand severe mechanical and thermal shock associated with high-revving, high-compression race engines. As a result of NGK Racing Spark Plugs superior quality, you'll have confidence knowing you have the World Leader in spark plug technology firing your way to victory. NGK V-Power spark plugs provide economical performance and improved ignitability over standard NGK Spark Plugs original equipment manufacturer and racer approved. NGK G-Power Spark Plugs Improved Fuel Efficiency, Lower Emissions, Quicker Starts. NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs The Spark Plug Serious Enthusiasts Rely On. NGK Laser Platinum spark plugs provide high ignitability and longer service life. NGK Spark Plug Wire Sets are built to meet stringent OEM tolerances for a variety of import vehicles. NGK's Power Cable is a performance spark plug cable designed with ultra-low resistance (0.9kW/m). The ultra-low resistance reduces spark energy loss, thereby improving acceleration, delivering smoother idling, and burning fuel cleaner. NGK Powerdex AFX Wideband Air-Fuel Ratio Monitor meets the increasing demand in the market for precision air-fuel ratio monitoring tools. The NGK AFX Air-Fuel Ratio Monitor offers the most affordable wideband system to date. We feature NGK Spark Plugs, NGK Spark Plug Wire Sets and NGK Powerdex AFX Air / Fuel Ratio Monitors at low everyday prices!

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