MGP Caliper Covers

MGP is a USA based manufacturing company that produces aluminum brake caliper covers. These covers fit under most stock wheel sizes and come in a variety of colors and logo options. MGP caliper covers are sure to add that extra bit of flare your vehicle needs.

The Story Behind Caliper Covers

MGP is an American-based company with our manufacturing facility located in San Diego, California. After years of extensive research, we have developed a process that allows us to take the technology used in the Aerospace and Recreation industries and translate that into the high-performance products for automotive enthusiasts like yourself. Our MGP Caliper Covers combine these state-of-the-art technologies along with 30 years of engineering experience to bring you the highest quality aftermarket parts that are held to OEM standards.

Our biggest challenges with developing the MGP Caliper Covers were ensuring that they would be form-fitting, meet factory wheel clearances, fasten securely, and (most importantly) remain easy to install.

This was a grueling four year long journey that involved extensive research and development along with painstaking trial and error. Our efforts led to the discovery that the absolute best route to go with our product was to pair a vehicle-specific clip with our patent-pending stainless steel fastening system. The design is unique, flawless, and versatile across a wide array of modern day vehicle platforms.

MGP Caliper Covers have been engineered and developed to standards far above and beyond the normal every day automotive bolt-on modification. We utilize aerospace-grade aluminum and stainless steel, precision CNC machining, hydraulic forming, and TIG welding. Rarely will you see another aftermarket product be tested for safety and quality as frequently as our Caliper Covers.

Testing includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Heat Soak Testing
  • Track Testing (on-road)
  • Track Testing (off-road)
  • Long-term Road Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Corrosion Testing

  • Of course, none of our technical jargon will mean much until you actually get to bolt these Caliper Covers onto your car and test them for yourself. We?re confident that you?ll be very satisfied with the outcome.

    We have the engineering and technical elements to back the product, but what we love is how it can transform your vehicle with color and style, while providing a reduction in brake dust, and delivering you the final touch. We love the fact that we offer such a quality alternative to painting your calipers or having to purchase a very expensive caliper to give you a more appealing look on your vehicle.

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