McGard produces the highest quality products at the most reasonable cost to meet our customers' needs. We strive to continually improve ourselves and our products while targeting our 'zero defects' goal.

McGard is a manufacturer of high quality security products, wheel locks and chrome plated lug nuts. Our customers include some of the finest North American, Japanese and European automotive manufacturers, as well as government agencies, the military, municipalities, and the fuel industry. Since 1966, McGard has become known for its unique product designs and comprehensive service programs in these and other areas where security and safety are top priorities. Consistent high quality that insures the greatest value for our customers is the foundation of our business, and is evident in every McGard product on the market today.

An American Manufacturer

When we say "An American Manufacturer" we mean that all of our products are and always have been invented, designed, engineered and manufactured in our headquarters & factory located in Orchard Park, N.Y. However, in this age of globalization it is not always practical or possible for us to procure all needed materials and components domestically. Some components may come from our subsidiary in Germany/E.U. and some components may be sourced globally. While only a small percent of our products and/or packages contain foreign content, all packages are labeled accordingly.

Automotive Wheel Locks and Lug Nuts

McGard invented its unique one-piece wheel lock for the automotive aftermarket in 1966. It functions like an existing lug nut, but requires a special key (tool) for removal. Our wheel lock is easy to use, yet provides a high level of wheel & tire security. It's also adaptable enough to allow for an unlimited number of different computer designed lock & key patterns.

McGard employs the same innovative design and high quality standards used in the production of our wheel locks in the manufacture of chrome plated lug nuts. Our in-house plating technology and experienced personnel are second to none in the industry. These capabilities enable McGard to produce superior quality lug nuts that are strong, safe, durable and exceed typical corrosion resistance standards. They're so durable in fact that we guarantee them for life not to rust, chip, or peel!

Original Equipment Automotive Wheel Locks

Since 1977 we've become a major supplier of wheel locks to automotive manufacturers in domestic and overseas markets, currently selling to over 30 automobile brand names. Our success with wheel lock technology has also led to the development of a variety of other security products for the automotive market including:

  • Air Bag Locks
  • Spare Tire Locks for Light-Duty Trucks, SUV's and Vans
  • Tailgate Locks for Pickup Trucks
  • Wheel Cover Locks
  • Winch Locks
  • Driving Light Locks
  • Air Cleaner Locks for Heavy-Duty Trucks
  • Original Equipment Automotive Air Bag Locks

  • Air bag theft is a major problem for vehicle owners, car dealers and fleets. McGard has developed a simple and inexpensive air bag lock to protect air bags from theft. Auto dealerships and fleets can simply replace two standard air bag mounting bolts with our locking bolts. The air bag lock requires the matching key (tool) to be removed. Simple and effective air bag theft protection.

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