Conroy "Pneu" Control

Conroy "Pneu" Control is the leading supplier of bleeders in the open wheel market. The Conroy "Pneu" Control Diaphragm Bleeder Kit works on the same principal as a High Speed By-Pass. Preset spring pressure against a Diaphragm that controls the amount of air that is to pass through the port. It releases air instantly in a 360 degree pattern. You don't have to compensate for what you think it may bleed off at. It repeats within 2/10 of a pound. With 4 different Springs, it has a range of 2 to 30 pounds. We feature Conroy aPneua Control Bleeder Kits and Conroy "Pneu" Control Diaphragm Bleeder Kits at low everyday prices.

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