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For 30 years, the COMP Cams philosophy has never changed: make the highest performing products possible and lead the industry in technological development. One thing COMP Cams has never forgotten: Performance is defined by what happens out on the race track. Because no matter what happens on a dyno or in a computer model, if that theoretical performance doesn't translate into real-life results, then the mission isnat completed. COMP Cams spends thousands of hours working with race teams to make sure COMP Cams products provide unmatched performance and reliability. Thatas why every COMP Cams product offers the highest performance standards. COMP Cams competitive drive culminates at the track and in Victory Lane. COMP Cams has produced more champions than any other camshaft manufacturer. In NASCAR Nextel Cup alone COMP Cams supplied 42 of 43 cars with camshafts in the 2002 season. COMP Cams works with the best teams in circle track, drag racing, road race and off-road racing. Champions care about one thing winning! Racers choose COMP Cams because they demand unmatched performance and reliability. They get it with COMP Cams. COMP Cams offers you a performance advantage. COMP Cams has the best specifically engineered components for your application. Expect superior performance you'll get it from COMP Cams. We feature COMP Cams Roller Rocker Arms, COMP Cams Rocker Arms, COMP Cams Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms, COMP Cams Stud Girdles, COMP Cams Valve Springs, COMP Cams Titanium Retainers, COMP Cams Racing Cams, COMP Cams camshafts, COMP Cams Ultra-Pro Roller Lifters, COMP Cams Mechanical Roller Lifters, COMP Cams Hydraulic Cams, COMP Cams Solid Cams, COMP Cams Flat Tappet Cams, COMP Cams Roller Cams, COMP Cams Tight Lash Cams, COMP Cams High Tech Racing Cams, COMP Cams Magnum Roller Rocker Arms, COMP Cams Pro Magnum Roller Rocker Arms, COMP Cams

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