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Pit Stop USA carries racing wheels that can take the abuse of a circle track. We offer a varity of sizes and backspacing to fit almost any need. We also have a lot of tire tools to groove or sipe your tires to provide you with better traction and tire life.

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Wheels and Tire Accessories - Aero Wheels
AERO Race Wheels can be seen accessorizing the locals at the dirt and asphalt tracks across the nation, as well as a majority of the teams on the NASCAR circuit. AERO Race Wheels have become the...More Details »
Wheels and Tire Accessories - Bart Wheels
With a background of over 35 years of manufacturing, Bart Wheels can fill your needs. Founded in 1965, Bart Wheels is the oldest and largest race wheels producer in the USA. Bart Wheels are coated...More Details »
Wheels and Tire Accessories - Bassett Wheels
Bassett Racing Wheel is known throughout the racing world as the undisputed leader in steel racing wheels. Bassett proudly manufactures all its products in Burlington, Wisconsin from domestically-sourced raw materials.
Wheels and Tire Accessories - Keizer Wheels
The Keizer wheel brand name holds its deepest roots in all aspects of open wheel racing. From Jr. Sprints to 410s, uprights to sidewinders, SuperModifids, TQs to full midgets and much more! Keizer...More Details »
Wheels and Tire Accessories - Sander Wheels
Glen Sander Engineering Inc. is the only racing wheel company to CNC cold spin all of their aluminum wheel halves. Sander Wheels are cold formed over a 2 stage mandrel and heat treated twice to get a perfect part.
Wheels and Tire Accessories - Weld Wheels
WELD is the undisputed leader in maximum performance wheels. Whether its hard core off road, on the track, or on the street, WELD wheels have unleashed the performance potential of all types of machines since 1967.
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Shop our full selection of wheels based on the diameter and bolt circle pattern that meets your application.
Wheels and Tire Accessories - Wheels - Street / Strip
PitStopUSA.com offers a variety of Wheels from the biggest brands in drag racing including Billet Specialties Wheels, Rocket Racing Wheels, Weld Racing Wheels and more at low everyday prices.
Wheels and Tire Accessories - Wheel Parts & Accessories
PitStopUSA.com has all of the racing wheel replacement parts and accessories you need to keep your racing program on track!
Wheels and Tire Accessories - Tire Accessories
Today's racer is looking for any competitive edge to get to victory lane! PitStopUSA.com offers a wide variety of tire softeners, tire cleaners and tire conditioners that can deliver lower lap...More Details »
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More About Wheels and Tire Accessories

There are three important measurements to be considered before buying racing wheels.  These measurements are to identify the wheel bolt circle (or bolt pattern), the wheel width and the wheel offset (or rear spacing).  Follow these steps to ensure that you purchase the correct wheels for your application.

Measuring Wheel Bolt Circles:

  • For 4-Lug Wheels measure center to center of the 2 holes that are diagonally across from each other
  • For 5-Lug Wheels measure from the back of a hole to the center of the second hole, skipping the next hole

Measuring Wheel Width:

  • Wheel width is determined be measuring the distance between the inner edges of the rim beads. 

Measuring Wheel Rear Spacing (Offset):

  • To measure wheel rear spacing (or offset), place the wheel face down and lay a straight edge across the back of the wheel and measure down to the mounting pad of the wheel to determine back spacing.

Use this illustration to assist you in the proper wheel measurement before purchasing your racing wheels.

How To Measure Wheel Bolt Circle, Width and Offset

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore!

We feature the finest in auto racing wheels from Aero Race Wheel, Bassett Wheels, Bart Wheels, Duralite Racing Wheels, Sander Engineering and Weld Racing. We stock wheel adapters, mud plugs, mud covers, wheel spacers, tire grinding discs, Kwik Change Products tire reliefs and lug nuts. Aero Wheels include Series 31 Spun Shell Wheels, Series 50 Rolled Shell Wheels, Series 51 Spun Shell Wheels, Series 51 Spun Shell Wide 5 Wheels, Series 52 Chrome Rolled Shell IMCA Wheels, Series 52 Rolled Shell IMCA Wheels, Series 53 Rolled Shell Beadlock Wheels, Series 53 Rolled Shell Wide 5 Beadlock Wheels, Series 56 Extreme Bead Spun Wheels, Series 58 Lightweight Rolled Shell Wheels, Series 59 NASCAR Wheels. Bart Wheels include IMCA Competition Beadlock Wheels, IMCA Competition Wheels, Lightweight Wheels, Standard Weight Wheels, Multi-Fit Economy Wheels, Reinforced Center Stock Car Wheels, Standard Weight Wheels, Steel Mini Stock Wheels and Steel Wide 5 Wheels. Bassett Wheels include Rolled Shell Wheels, Extreme Bead Dirt Wheels, 15 x 9.5 NASCAR / ARCA Wheels, Inertia Wheels, Spun Shell Wheels, Rolled Shell DOT Wheels, CASCAR Wheels, IMCA / WISSOTA D-Hole Beadlock Wheels, IMCA / WISSOTA D-Hole Wheels, IMCA / WISSOTA Inertia Beadlock Wheels, IMCA / WISSOTA Inertia Wheels, Spun Shell Wide 5 Wheels and USAR Pro Cup Spec Wheels. Duralite Wheels include Wide 5 Beadlock Wheels and Wide 5 Non-Beadlock Wheels. Sander Racing Wheels include CNC Cold Spun Direct Mount Sprint Car Wheels and 6-Pin Drive Sprint Car Wheels. Weld Racing Wheels include 6 Pin Aluminum Sprint Car Wheels, Aluminum Wide 5 HS Beadlock Wheels, Aluminum Wide 5 HS Wheels, Aluminum Wide 5 XL Beadlock Wheels, Aluminum Wide 5 XL Wheels, Magnum Sprint Car Spline Aluminum Wheels. We have Pro-Blend Hot Lap Tire Softener, Hot Lap II, Hot Lap Victory Lane and Quik Lap, Gripp Tire Softener, CTS Tire Softener, Track Claw Tire Strengthener and Fast Rack Tire Improver.