MPI Racing Gloves - Orange

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Racing Gloves, SFI 3.3/5, 2 Layer, Nomex, Padded Palm, Orange / Black, Pair
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Max Papis Innovations is pleased introduce the debut line of SFI rated racing gloves. Each glove has been carefully designed to offer the maximum in comfort, driver feel, safety, and performance.


  • SFI 3.3/5 rated for competition
  • Precurved fingers to prevent hand fatigue
  • External Stitching For Increased Comfort and Usability
  • Padding on palms and fingers for comfort and durability
  • Provides Excellent Feel of Steering Wheel

In MPI we take every aspect of construction and safety to our heart, in the most accurate and dedicated way possible. Before becoming an MPI product, our structures need to pass our internal quality control tests. Amongst the many, one is a torque structural steering wheel test that is considered one of the most severe on the â??road carâ?_x009d_ market. Another is a stress test to see what our steering wheel does when load is applied to it. This simulates what happens when you keep your hands on the steering wheel during a severe impact. Just couple of examples of how our technology works and how safety and construction R&D is applied to all MPI products.

Product Descripton:

  • Driving Gloves
  • SFI 3.3/5
  • Double Layer
  • Nomex
  • Padded Palm
  • Orange / Black
  • Large
  • Pair