Bell BR1Top Forced Air Kit - Quick Lock Nozzle - Matte Black

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Helmet Air Inlet, Top Mount, Forced Air, Quick Lock Nozzle, Flat Black, BR1 Infusion, Kit
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Bell's 2011 forced air helmet features the new Quick Lock forced air nozzle that locks the forced air connector in place yet allows for easy release. The smaller nozzle design helps accelerate airflow into the helmet. The Quick Lock nozzle can be used with traditional 1" diameter forced air hoses by using the following forced air adaptor that connects the hose with the Bell Quick Lock nozzle:

  • 2029001 - FORCED AIR ADAPTOR (90-DEGREE)Thanks to the versatility of the BR.1 and Star Infusion Helmets, racers no longer have to choose between a side forced air or top forced air model. By installing either the side forced air or top forced air kit, the BR.1 and Star Infustion become a full ventilation forced air helmet. By using the kit system, racers can easily switch the BR.1 to the appropriate configuration for their type of racing.