Bert Transmission Technical Guidelines

Low Gear Ratio: 2:1

High Gear Ratio: 1:1


1. Use a hydraulic clutch pedal with a ¾” bore master cylinder.

2. Use standard brake fluid in the clutch master cylinder. Do not use silicone fluid!

3. Use only Bert Black Magic transmission fluid (BERKVG001) or Type F automatic transmission fluid in the main case.

4. Fill the transmission to ½” below the fill plug.


1. Make sure that there is no oil in the system.

2. Fill the master cylinder with conventional brake fluid only. Do not use silicone fluid!

3. Allow time for the fluid to make its way to the clutch cylinder by gravity. Maintain the fluid level in the master cylinder to keep air out. Bleed in conventional manner.

4. The clutch cylinder shaft should have ½” to ¾” travel. More travel will lead to increased clutch wear.

5. The clutch pedal should have the same “feel” as the brake pedal.


1. The car is in neutral when the two shift levers are parallel to each other.

2. The lever nearest the transmission is low and high gear. Forward is low gear, back is high gear.

3. The outside lever is for reverse. Moving the lever forward engages reverse.

4. The clutch pedal only operates low and reverse.

5. High gear is direct drive.

6. Put transmission in gear and push the clutch pedal until the car begins to move. (Low and reverse both work in this manner.) Maintain firm pedal pressure to prevent slippage. Do not use the clutch unnecessarily. The less the clutch is used, the longer it will last. Even driving in or out of the garage and parking the car can cause wear. Driving on or off the trailer is not recommended.

7. Shift into high gear when car is up to about 20 MPH (or where car will continue to roll with foot off the gas pedal). Note the RPM. Let off clutch and gas pedal. When RPM drops by half, shift.

8. Always push start in high gear. Using low gear will damage clutch.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you miss the gear change when operating a dog tooth transmission, do not force the lever or rev the engine. Let the car slow down, shift into low gear and start over. Forcing the lever can bend the shift fork.