Auto Racing Helmet Care and Maintenance

Follow these handy tips courtesy of G-Force Race Gear to provide the proper care for your auto racing helmet: 

  • Keep your helmet clean and dry when not in use.
  • Keep it out of continuous, extreme temperatures.
  • Do not store in your trailer.
  • Keep your helmet from exposure to petroleum products, fuels, brake cleaner, ect. This will cause extensive damage to the liner.
  • The helmet liner may be cleaned with a mild solution of a Woolite type of product and water.
  • Allow to dry before using.
  • Allow your helmet to dry out before storing.
  • Wax helmet shell with automotive based wax.
  • Inspect your helmet regularly for signs of wear.
  • If you have been involved in a severe crash or the helmet has contacted something in the car, please return the helmet to the manufacturer for inspection.
  • Most manufacturers suggest that you replace your helmet every five years – and not just to sell your new helmet. All helmets are constructed of plastic-based products, which over time become brittle and lose their ability to absorb impact.
  • Please do not use old helmets; either destroy them or keep them for use as souvenirs.
  • Do not alter or modify the structure of the helmet or any of its component parts. Alteration or modification of the helmet in any way will void the warranty and may impair the helmet’s protective capability.