Simpson Auto Racing Helmet Sizing Chart

A correctly fitted Simpson Auto Racing Helmet should feel like an even amount of pressure is being exerted around your head and cheeks. But, Simpson Racing Helmets break in, so it should fit as tight as you can comfortably wear it. Once fastened, you should NOT be able to pull your Simpson Helmet off your head in any direction. 

Special attention for first-time Simpson Auto Racing Helmet buyers: If your Simpson Racing Helmet is loose at all, and doesn’t fit well, it CANNOT DELIVER the best protection. A Simpon helmet’s strict safety standards can be compromised after only one impact collision. If the integrity is in question, send it back to Simpson immediately for proper inspection. 

To ensure the correct fit for your new Simpson Auto Racing Helmet, measure directly above the brow line for the best helmet fit.  Use a cloth tape for this measurement, or a very thin metal tape measure will do.  Repeat the measurement a few times to be sure it is accurate.  It is usually easier to have somebody else do this measurement for you to ensure accuracy. 

Once you have your measurement find your correct helmet size using the handy Simpson Auto Racing Helmet Sizing Chart below.

 Simpson Auto Racing Helmet Sizing Chart

Simpson and Pit Stop USA strongly recommend immediate inspection of your helmet after any impact collision or accidentally dropping it.