QA1 Rod End Frequently Asked Questions

The Teflon® liner in my three piece rod ends always pounds out when I run my car on dirt, leaving the rod end loose. What can I do to avoid this?

Teflon® "pounding out" on dirt applications is a common problem. It occurs because the Teflon® fabric liner and the three piece design of these rod endsare not engineered to withstand the introduction of sand, dirt, etc. QA1 has addressed this problem with the Endura series rod ends, engineered specifically for racing applications. This series of rod ends includes a selflubricating, maintenance-free Teflon®/Kevlar® injection-molded liner, and is constructed in such a manner that it is nearly impossible for the liner to ever "pound out". These rod ends are offered in aluminum (over 10% lighter than traditional three-piece aluminum rod ends), carbon steel, heat-treated chromoly steel, and chrome plated chromoly steel.

What maintenance do I need to perform on my rod ends to keep them operating properly?

Most rod ends are designed to be relatively maintenance-free. For metal-to-metal rod ends, a thin layer of grease applied occasionally to the ball will assist in extending the life of these products. Rod ends that are Teflon® lined are self-lubricating and are designed to be relatively maintenance-free.

Check your rod ends frequently for wear and replace them as needed. What rod end is best for my application?

With over 5,000 sizes, styles and materials in QA1 rod ends to choose from, QA1 manufactures a rod end for virtually every application. However, for nearly all performance racing applications, QA1 strongly recommends the Endura series rod ends. QA1 Endura rod ends are engineered specifically for the rigors of performance racing, and are the only rod ends designed to withstand dirt, sand, grit, and other debris that commonly come into contact with racing vehicles. The Endura series is self-lubricating, self-sealing and maintenance free.

These rod ends have all of the advantages of metal-to-metal rod ends when encountering heavy shock loads, while also enjoying the advanced wear characteristics of three-piece rod ends. They are available in aluminum, heattreated chromoly steel, polished chromoly steel, and carbon steel. The QA1 aluminum Endura series rod ends are over 10% lighter than traditional three piece aluminum units, and also have greater tensile strength due to increased cross-sectional thickness in the rod end body.

Always replace your rod ends after a crash, impact or other high shock load.

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