Dry Sump Oil System Tech

Dry sump oiling systems are the safest, most dependable oiling systems available. They’re popular in all forms of racing, especially where low chassis height is important for good handling. Horsepower gain is maximized because there is virtually no oil in the pan and no internal pump, allowing the windage tray or screen to run the full length of the pan.

Other advantages of a dry sump system include a remotely mounted oil tank for increased capacity, the ability to easily add remote oil coolers, more consistent oil pressure, adjustable oil pressure, improved scavenging, and increased ring seal due to greater pan vacuum.

Oval Track Dry Sump System

 Dry Sump Oil System Diagram

A:  Dry Sump Oil Pump: Chevy 4-Stage, No. 22510; Chevy 5-Stage, No. 22800 or No. 22595 Cam Driven 4 Stage

B:  Pump Fittings: -10AN to -10AN, No. 22605; -10AN to -12AN, No. 22606; -10AN to-12AN with screen, No. 22610

C:  In-Line Screened Oil Filters: -10AN fittings, 5/8", No. 23850; -12AN fitting, 3/4", No. 23860; -8AN fitting, 1/2", No. 23870

D:  Remote Oil Filter Mount: Ford/Chrysler No. 23700 or 23710; Chevy 23750 or 23760; Large Diameter No. 23766

E:  Racing Oil Filter: Chevy, 4-9/32" high, No. 22459; Chevy, 5-1/4" high, No. 22460; Chevy, 8" high, No. 22461; Ford/Chrysler, 5-1/4" high, No. 22470; Large Diameter (Fram HP-6 replacement), 6-1/4" high; No. 22465

F:  Breather Tank: 3/8" NPT inlet, No. 85470; -16AN inlet, No.85475

G:  Tank Mounts: No 22690

H:  Oil Preheater (in tank): Aluminum fitting, No. 23980; Steel fitting, No. 23990 or External Heating Pads: 6" x 12", No.23995; 5" x 7", No. 23996; 2" x 15", No. 23997

I:  Oil Tank: No. 22662 (14 qt.); No. 22664 (12 qt.); Low-Profile, No. 22663 (11 qt.); Budget, No. 22660 (18 qt.)

J:  Filter Fittings: 3/4" NPT to -12AN male, No. 23960 or -12AN male to -12AN male, No. 23961

K:  Fittings: 3/4" NPT to -10AN, No. 22615; 3/4" NPT to -12AN, No. 22616; -12AN to -12AN, No. 22620; -16AN to -16AN, No. 22622

L:  Scavenge Manifold: Fabricated, Full-Size, No. 23695; Cast, Compact, No. 23696 or 23697

M:  Oil Filter Block-Off Plate: No. 23770; and No. 23782

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