How To Determine Brake Caliper Mounting Positions

Brake Caliper Position Usage Chart


RT = Right Hand Trailing

RL = Right Hand Leading

LT = Left Hand Trailing

LL = Left Hand Leading

SI = Side Inlet

RH = Right Hand

LH = Left Hand


“Trailing” or “Leading” refers to the caliper position in relation to the front of the car. A Right Hand Leading caliper (RL) will mount on the right side of the car, on the front edge of the brake rotor; a Right Hand Trailing caliper (RT) will mount on the rear edge of the brake rotor. Equal bore size calipers (calipers with all four pistons the same size) may be mounted either way. For example: A Right Hand Trailing can be used as a Left Hand Leading, and a Left Hand Trailing can be used as a Right Hand Leading. Some Calipers with equal bore sizes simply are designated as a “Right Hand” or “Left Hand” mount. “Side Inlet” brake calipers have the brake fluid inlet in the middle of the inboard side of the caliper for additional mounting flexibility.