Allstar Performance Cooling Tips

Comparing Aluminum and Plastic Tank Radiators: 

Plastic Tank Radiators

Uniquely designed plastic tank radiators with aluminum core offer over a 22% gross weight savings to comparable aluminum tank radiators when filled with coolant. These performance radiators also provide 6% better cooling than aluminum tank radiators. Tanks are fastened to the core with multi-clamps and an o-ring gasket, a process similar in design to many of today’s high performance late model muscle cars. Corrosion resistant tanks have molded in 1-1/2" inlet and 1-3/4" beaded hose outlets. Widths are overall including tanks.

*Radiators with plastic tanks are designed to use radiator caps rated at
22 lbs. or less.

Aluminum Tank Radiators

Excellent quality at an affordable price. Filler necks ar e machined, not stamped, and tanks are furnace brazed, not epoxied, eliminating two prime sources of leakage. The lightweight 1" tubes, arranged in two rows, offer outstanding cooling in race cars, off-road vehicles and street machines. Width listed is overall, including tanks.

*Radiators with aluminum tanks are designed to use radiator caps rated at
25 lbs. or less

Radiator Caps

Higher cooling system pressure raises the boiling point of coolant to reduce the risk of overheating. Standard size caps fit 2-1/8" O.D. x 3/4" deep necks unless otherwise noted. Recovery system caps allow coolant to exit the cooling system into an overflow or recovery bottle as coolant heats and expands. As the system cools, recovery system caps will draw coolant back in to keep the cooling system full. Non-recovery system caps allow coolant to exit the system, but do not draw coolant back into the system. 



Has your upper hose collapsed due to the internal spring coming loose and ending up in your radiator!

Use a lower hose with the spring molded in as your upper hose. Standard upper hoses are 1.5" diameter and are not offered with the spring molded into the hose. Here are a few options to run a lower 1.75" hose with the spring molded in as your upper hose.

Option 1: Use (2) ALL30240 Reducers on each end of the hose

Option 2: Use ALL30371 Water Neck with a 1.75" neck

Option 3: Use ALL30041 Radiator Inlet Fitting if using a radiator with changeable inlet fittings

Option 4: Use ALL30260 Upper Hose Kit that uses a steel tube and silicone hose ends