Pit Stop USA 2012 Sprint Car Open Wheel Parts and Accessories Catalog is Here

Keeping pace with the burgeoning popularity of open wheel racing, Pit Stop USA has completed our latest 2012 Sprint Car / Open Wheel Catalog. Many new open wheel related product lines have been added, enlarging this latest catalog to 280 pages, all in full color. With the popularity of open wheel racing is growing stronger every season, from junior sprints to all out 410 sprinters, whether winged or non-winged, asphalt or dirt, our 2012 Sprint Car / Open Wheel Catalog offers a complete selection of the highly specialized components needed to build an open wheel race car and keep it competitive. Using the new Pit Stop USA Sprint Car / Open Wheel Catalog, racers have, at their fingertips, just about everything needed to build a winning open wheel racer.


To Order the catalog please click this link Open Wheel Catalog or you can find a link at the top of the home page

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