Fuller Ends Winless Streak at Rolling Wheels

The Super DIRTcar series invaded Rolling Wheels Raceway Park in Elbridge, NY to kick off their 2011 season with the third annual DIRTcar All-Star Weekend on Sunday. It was the first race of the season, but it was a night of redemption for one driver who had went the entire 2010 season without a win.}

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The track known to the racing community as “The Fast Track” featured a night jam-packed with racing action. The Big-Block Modified Super DIRTcar Series and the DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds took to the track to put on a show for fans. In addition, the track also hosted two unique events, the Pro Stock/Stock Car Challenge and the Mr. DIRTcar Big-Block Modified Safety-Kleen Shootout.

The 21a of Peter Britten led the field to the green in the Super DIRTcar Series season opening 60-lap feature event. Britten did not hold onto the lead over the 30-car field for long before Chuck Bower took the top spot away, putting his name on the leaderboard first.

Bower held on to the point until the 14 lap marker where the 74F of Tim Fuller powered from his fourth-place starting position to take the top spot away. A caution would fly only moments later, but Fuller was able to take full advantage and jump out with a big lead at the green to keep himself at the point.

The caution would fly again on lap 23 after Tim McCreadie had issues on the backstretch. At the restart, the 9S of Matt Sheppard got the jump on Fuller, but he wouldn’t keep the lead for long. Fuller was able to motor by on the outside to regain the lead on the backstretch.

It looked as though Fuller was going to run away with the win after opening up a big lead over second place Sheppard.  Lap traffic began taking its toll on the leader, as the 91 of Billy Decker had worked his way around Sheppard to take the second spot and begin tracking down Fuller. When it looked as though Decker’s power was going to be able to contend, the caution would fly again with only nine laps to go.

Fuller pulled out with yet another strong restart, and with his machine looking as though it were riding rails to the finish, he took the season opening win, and the 19th of his career.

Here is a full rundown of the A-main finish for the Super DIRTcar Series and the finishing results of the remaining events of the evening at Rolling Wheels.

1. (74F) Tim Fuller; 2. (91) Billy Decker; 3. (9s) Matt Sheppard; 4. (21a) Pete Britten; 5. (20) Brett Hearn; 6. (66) Danny Johnson; 7. (77x) Dale Planck; 8. (98h) Jimmy Phelps; 9. (8R) Rob Bellinger; 10. (62s) Tom Sears Jr.; 11. (3) Justin Haers; 12. (673) Gary Tomkins; 13. (99L) Larry Wight; 14. (6x) Jackie Brown; 15. (99) Ryan Phelps; 16. (10) Tim Currier; 17. (8) Rich Scagliotta; 18. (07) Tim Kerr; 19. (23) Billy VanInwegen; 20. (99b) Chuck Bower; 21. (7) Rick Laubach; 22. (20d) Jerry Higbie; 23. (4*) Tim McCreadie; 24. (48T) Dave Rauscher; 25. (7x) Steve Paine; 26. (32c) Vic Coffey; 27. (37x) Tom Scheetz Jr.; 28. (63) Adam Roberts; 29. (49) Billy Dunn; 30. (zero3) Lance Willix II

Mr. DIRTcar Big-Block Modified Safety-Kleen Challenge results:

1. (91) Billy Decker; 2. (99L) Larry Wight; 3. (9s) Matt Sheppard; 4. (20) Brett Hearn; 5. (66) Danny Johnson; 6. (77x) Dale Planck; 7. (7x)
Steve Paine; 8. (6x) Jackie Brown; 9. (99) Ryan Phelps; 10. (49) Billy Dunn; 11. (98h) Jimmy Phelps

DIRTcar Sportsman Modified A-main results:

1. (1s) Sammy Reaks IV ; 2. (66) Dan Wiesner; 3. (83x) Tim Sears Jr.;  4. (777) Tyler McPherson; 5. (5) Don Spatorico; 6. (1J) Jim Spano; 7. (55c) Jesse Cotriss; 8. (19w) Justin Wright; 9. (7) Cody MacPherson; 10. (3a) Adam Hilton; 11. (28) Jimmy Spellmon; 12. (12h) Brandon Hagan; 13. (33) Matt Hitchcock; 14. (25G) Nick Guerierri; 15. (10m) Brett Martin; 16. (11) Ben Wheeler; 17. (4) Greg Martin; 18. (20X) Kevin Ridley;  19. (1m) Jim Maher; 20.(10V) Josh VanBrocklin; 21. (0) Jipp Ortiz; 22. (3E) Tim Schneider; 23. (81) Christine Martin; 24. (17d) Tom Juhl; 25. (34) Andrew Ferguson; 26. (m1) Dave Marcuccilli

DIRTcar Pro Stock/Stock Car Challenge A-main results:

1. (272) Kevin Smith; 2. (93) Dick Parkhurst; 3. (57b) Frank Burnell; 4. (00R) Mike Rasbeck; 5. (715) Mike Cooper; 6. (143) Tim Hettis; 7. (2) Pete 

The Super DIRTcar Series will be back in action on June 14th as the series invades Canandaigua Motorsports park in Canandaigua, NY. For more on the series, visit

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