New B.O.S.S. Series Brings Non-Wing Sprint Car Action to Ohio

by Chris McWilliams on February 7, 2011 -

New for the 2011 racing season, the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series (B.O.S.S.) brings traditional non wing sprint car racing in and around Ohio. Drivers from 4 states and a few races have been confirmed with an official schedule to be released soon. The idea behind the series is to provide competitive racing for fans and promoters, with excellent purses for the drivers brave enough to run without the wing. The series will be “outlaw” without membership fees or a specific brand tire rule. For more information on the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series make sure you visit their home on the web at

2011 BOSS Series Driver Michael Fischesser

Teams can choose to run any tires that they want as long as they are commercially available to the public. The only tire rule is that drivers must run the same right rear tire in the heat and feature. The BOSS series will be the only group in the country that has all 3 tire manufacturers involved in the series and bonus money will be up for grabs each night to the highest finishing car on each brand’s right rear. Steel block bonus of $100 per night to the highest finishing steel block motor and a “hard charger” award at each race. Races will pay $225 to $300 to start. First place money will vary with the tracks but should be between $1200 and $2500 to win.

The mission of the BOSS series is to provide great racing where the drivers are fairly compensated and are not forced to buy specific tires. The series hopes to provide promoters with full competitive fields of cars with marketable drivers who have a bright future in motorsports. The BOSS series wants to provide a 10 to 12 race schedule for 2011 to get the series underway. There will be a point fund established for the top 10 finishers in the standings. In 2012, the series hopes to expand to a 20 race schedule. The BOSS series already has commitments from several drivers to run the 2011 schedule including Kirk Jefferies, Todd Keen, Michael Fischesser, Landon Simon, Steve Irwin, J.T. Stapp, and Kory Crabtree.

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