Simpson Introduces Snell SA2010 Helmets

Simpson SA2010 Helmets

In addition to the all new Simpson SA2010 Helmet Lineup, there are several new Simpson Racing Suits and Gloves for the 2011 season.

December 7, 2010 - Simpson Race Products recently introduced their all new Snell SA2010 helmet lineup and again raises the bar for outstanding safety innovation and product improvements for the 2011 season.

The new Simpson Snell SA2010 helmet lineup features improved helmet fit, improved shield fit, a newly designed shield pivot system and a new shield latch that opens easily.  All in all, the Simpson SA2010 auto racing helmet lineup offers much more than an update to meet the more exacting requirements of the Snell SA2010 standards.  Top to bottom the new Simpson helmet lineup offers significant safety and feature improvements that will be welcomed by racers in all forms of motorsport.  

The Snell SA2010 standards required utilizing graduated head form drop masses. That means the drop masses in the impact testing are dependant on head form circuference.  This provides "real world" data in measuring the impacts a particular head size would be more likely to encounter upon impact and how to better design a helmet to protect against injury. The Snell Memorial Foundation utilizes science, technology and established fact to create its standards.  

Simpson has brought back many of the familiar names for their new helmet line like the Bandit, Speedway Shark and Diamondback but added the innovative new Voyager Evolution for 2011 and an all new version of the Sidewinder Voyager.  Simpson will introduce the new Carbon Bandit in early 2011 along with the all new CH3N02 drag racing helmet that will tackle clutch dust, nitrous fumes with its self contained air purifying system that features organic filters.  The entire Simpson lineup for 2011 shows why the company remains the industry leader.  

Article Posted: December 7, 2010  By: Ed Coughenour, Pit Stop USA
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