Racing Gloves

Pit Stop USA is your go-to destination for all things driver safety gear. When it comes to competitive motorsports, Auto Racing Gloves are an essential piece of equipment required by most sanctioning bodies. That's why we offer a wide selection of gloves constructed with fire-retardant materials like Nomex and CarbonX to provide outstanding protection from heat and flame. Our gloves also feature leather or silicone palm pads that give you the confidence-building grip you need on the wheel. With external stitching and pre-curved fingers, our gloves deliver a comfortable feel without excess material bunching under your fingers. Whether you prefer thinner gloves for easier switch and control operation or thicker construction for superior heat protection and durability, we have the perfect gloves for you. Be sure to check with your sanctioning body to find the specific racing gloves required for competition and see the SFI or FIA rating or certification required. Glove performance is just as important for driving the car as well as providing protection from fire. A well designed glove not only fits well but also improves you grip on the steering wheel. SFI-1 Rated gloves are commonly referred to as Single Layer Gloves. These gloves offer the minimum level of fire protection. Most racers prefer SFI-5 gloves not only for the added safety but often drivers find that multiple layer results in more comfort with out sacrificing feel. Drag Racing Gloves are designed specifically for the drag-strip and feature superior fire protection with its SFI rating of 3.3/15 (SFI 15) or 3.3/20 (SFI 20). Trust Pit Stop USA to help you get a grip on the wheel anytime you hit the track.

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