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Neck Support Collars help support head during race and help reduce fatigue. We highly suggest moving up to a SFI 38.1 head and neck restraint if you can.

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Safety Equipment - Neck Braces - Non-SFI Neck Braces
These are typically used for karting as they are not fire rated.
Safety Equipment - Neck Braces - SFI Rated Neck Braces
Neck Braces that are SFI rated are made with a high density, fire retardant foam.

More About Neck Braces

Before purchasing a Neck supports see if you can get your self in to a head and neck restraints There are now lots of options on the market including all the latest models from Hans such as the Sport II in adult and youth sizes. Along with the HANS Device Adjustable to give the driver more versatility racing anything from a Sprint Car to a Monster Truck. if your wanting to go lightweight check out the Pro Ultra and the Pro Ultra Lite the lightest versions of the Hans Device available. We also carry the complete Hybrid Series from Simpson including the Hybrid Pro Slide and Sport models in also sizes from child through adult. An alternative to the Hans Device is the NecksGen REV and another device coming soon is the Accel from Impact.

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