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At Pit Stop USA, we understand the importance of getting your oil, fuel, and other fluids where they need to go safely in your race car, street machine or off-road vehicle. That's why we offer a wide range of fittings, hose ends, valves, and plugs in various sizes and finishes. We also have a vast selection of clamps, brackets, and valves to choose from. Our high-performance racing hoses come in rubber, lightweight nylon braided, or braided stainless steel. You can rely on us for complete fuel line kits, transmission fluid lines, radiator hoses, clamps, brackets, power steering hoses, fittings, and specialized AN fitting tools. Keep your cool with our AC and heat plumbing options and pick up everything you need at once. Trust us to help you plumb your vehicle like a pro!

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Fittings & Hoses - Clamps & Brackets
Getting the plumbing job done right requires a variety of hose clamps, line clamps and hose and tubing separators. Pit Stop USA has a great selection of plumbing accessories to get the job done right with that professional look.
Fittings & Hoses - Fittings & Plugs
Pit Stop USA is proud to offer the most complete line of adapter fittings for aviation fluid transfer technology in the automotive performance market. With over 25 years of experience, we have...More Details »
Fittings & Hoses - Hose, Line & Tubing
Choose from hoses in materials ranging from rubber, nylon braided to braided stainless steel from top brands like Aeroquip, Earl's, Fragola, Russell, Vibrant Performance, XRP and more. We’ve...More Details »
Fittings & Hoses - Silicone Hose/Elbows/Adapters
Pit Stop USA has a wide range of reinforced silicone connections that are hand wrapped using the silicone connections construction method for maximum durability. Our high-quality hose can...More Details »
Fittings & Hoses - Valves
Pit Stop USA offers a wide variety of valves to meet all your automotive plumbing needs. Our selection includes shut-offs, quick disconnects, dry breaks, one-way valves, breathers, and more. We...More Details »

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Plumbing AN Dash Size / Fractional Equivalent Guide

SAE 37° Fractional SAE 37° Fractional SAE 37° Fractional Dash Size Equivalent

AN Fittings Actual Thread Sizes

 AN Fitting Sizes:

                  -02 .............1/8"                    

-03 .............3/16"

-04 .............1/4"

-05 .............5/16"

-06 ............ 3/8"

-08 ............ 1/2"

-10 ............ 5/8"

-12 ............ 3/4"

-14 ............ 7/8"

-16 ............ 1"

- 20 .........1-1/4"

-24 ......... 1-1/2"

-32 ............ 2"

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore!

We feature automotive plumbing and race car plumbing from Aeroquip, Earls Performance Plumbing, Jiffy-Tite, Russell Performance Products and XRP Performance Products. We offer high performance automotive hose like Earls ProLite 350 Hose, Earls PerformOFlex Hose, Earls AutoFlex Hose, Earls Super Stock Hose, Earls Ultra Flex 650 Hose, Aeroquip AQP Racing Hose, Aeroquip StartLite Hose, Aeroquip Socketless Hose, Aeroquip AQP Power Steering Hose, Russell Proflex Stainless Steel Braided Hose and XRP Stainless Steel Braided CPE Race Hose. We stock AN hose ends like Earls UltraFlex Hose Ends, Earls SwivelSeal Hose Ends, Earls SwivelSeal AnoTuff Hose Ends, Earls AutoFit Hose Ends, Earls TubeMate Auto Fit Hose Ends, Earls AutoMate and AutoCrimp Hose Ends, Earls Super Stock Hose Ends, Aeroquip Reusable AQP Fittings, Aeroquip StartLite Fittings, Aeroquip AQP Hose Ends, XRP Aluminum Hose Ends, Russell Full Flow Hose Ends, XRP Aluminum Push-On Hose Ends and XRP Double Swivel Forged Hose Ends. We offer Earls AN fittings, Earls AN adapters, Aeroquip AN fittings, Aeroquip AN adapters, Jiffy-Tite Qwik Release Fittings, Russell Speed Bleeders, XRP AN fittings, XRP AN adapters. Products include Aluminum NPT Pipe Thread to AN Adapters, NPT Adapters, Aluminum AN to AN Flare Adapters, Weld Fittings, AN Caps and Plugs, Carburetor fittings, Power Steering fittings, Fuel Pump fittings, Hose Barb to Pipe Thread Adapters, Anodized Aluminum AN Adapters, Steel NPT Pipe Thread to AN Adapters, Steel AN to AN Adapters, Fuel Line Kits, Carburetor Adapters, Fuel System Adapters, Fuel System Fittings, Fuel Distribution Blocks, Gauge Adapters, Shutoff Valves, Check Valves, Power Steering Hose Ends, Brake System Adapters, brake hose ends, Stat-O-Seals, Tube Nuts, bulkhead adapters, petcocks, hose clamps, hose separators, quick disconnects and AN plumbing tools.