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Exhaust System
Pit Stop USA is your exhaust system headquarters. We have a huge selection of headers and collectors, stainless steel exhaust systems, car exhaust parts, exhaust tubing and bends, exhaust tips and more. Whether you ar looking for a complete exhaust systems or just simply a set of headers PitStopUSA.com has you covered. We have all of the exhaust parts and componenets like individual exhaust pipes, flanges, and turndowns. Pit Stop USA has a huge selection of mufflers ranging from mild to loud for the track.

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Exhaust System - Headers, Manifolds and Components
Headers are one of the easiest bolt-on accessories you can use to improve an engine's performance. The goal of headers is to make it easier for the engine to push exhaust gases out of the cylinders.
Exhaust System - Catalytic Converters
The most important part of the emission control system. Using a combination of heat and precious metals to promote a chemical reaction to convert pollutants into less harmful emissions before they leave the exhaust system.
Exhaust System - Exhaust Pipes, Systems and Components
Pit Stop USA has everything you need to fabricate your own custom exhaust system. We stock exhaust tubing, elbows and bends and other exhaust components in stainless steel or mild steel so you can...More Details »
Exhaust System - Mufflers and Resonators
One of the quickest, easiest and cost effective ways to get added power is by adding high performance mufflers. Plus you get the added benefit of that smooth, deep exhaust tone you have been...More Details »
Exhaust System - Engine Swap Kits
Engine Swap Kits are created using only quality products and contain application specific headers, motor mounts and engine Swap Oil Pan. Some kits also include transmission crossmembers.
Exhaust System - Exhaust Brakes and Components
Pit Stop USA offers Diesel Engine Exhaust Brakes and Components at low everyday prices.
Exhaust System - Heat Protection
To keeps things cool under the hood, PitStopUSA.com we offer a full line of performance products. Our great selection of thermal tuning products including exhaust wraps, heat shields, boot and wire...More Details »

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Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! We have a huge selection race car exhaust system components all at our famous low everyday prices. Dont waste your day motorsports shopping for racing headers, racing mufflers and racing exhaust systems on those other racing web sites when we have it all. We offer headers, exhaust, mufflers, crossover headers, stock headers, street stock headers, 180 crossover headers, IMCA Modified headers, NASCAR headers, Hooters Pro Cup Headers, Chassis Headers, Zoomie Headers, Demolition Derby Headers, Dirt Late Model Headers, Tri-Y Headers, Sprint Car Headers, D.I.R.T. Modified Headers, Stock Clip Headers, Crate Motor Headers, header flanges, header gaskets, race car exhaust systems, exhaust elbows, exhaust gaskets, collector gaskets, exhaust manifolds, exhaust reducers, exhaust system components, header bolts, header tabs, exhaust tubing bends, mandrel bends, exhaust turndowns, exhaust turn-outs, exhaust U-Bends, exhaust mandrel bends, X-Pipes, Y-Pipes. header collector extensions, header collectors, scavenger collectors, Asphalt Late Model Headers, Late Model Sportsman Headers, Pinto Headers, Toyota Headers, 2-into-1 mufflers, IMCA Spec Mufflers, diffuser disc mufflers and more! Choose race car headers like Dynatech Headers, Schoenfeld Headers and Howe Headers. Race car mufflers like Borla XR-1 Mufflers, Flowmaster Mufflers, Dynatech Vortex Split-Flow Mufflers, Dynatech Vortex Insert Cones, Dynomax Mufflers, Howe Mufflers, Schoenfeld Racing Mufflers, Supertrapp Mufflers and Allstar Performance Mufflers. We stock oval track exhaust systems from Boyce Trackburner and components from Borla Exhaust, Dynomax Performance Exhaust, Flowmaster Exhaust, Howe Racing Enterprises, Schoenfeld Exhaust and more.