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More About Turbo Action

Pit Stop USA is The Online Drag Racing Superstore! Turbo Action began in 1970 by offering the only Competition Turbo Hydro 350 transmission and to this day, thirty years later, is still rated #1. Then we progressed to grow nationally with the introduction of the "Positive Action" valve body kit line which made Turbo Action quality products available for street application. As these kits grew in popularity, further improvements developed and were tested. As a result, the latest version, Cheetah Power Shifts was introduced. Cheetah Power Shifts give more flexibility for application by offering a versatile program to select the firmness of your shifts.

In 1974, considered to be a revolutionary product, Turbo Action released the CHEETAH Valve Body for the Torqueflite transmission. It became nationally recognized due to the superior performance.

During 1977 Turbo Action introduced the "Light One" competition 8 3/4" torque converter and again a new level of performance was available to the racer.

The 80's became the decade of the transmission brake. Turbo Action's Powerglide Tranz Brake set a new standard with quick reaction times and repeatable roll in performance.

The production of aluminum direct clutch drums was introduced by Turbo Action in 1981. This allowed lighter rotating weight for better performance.

In March 1982, Turbo Action released the CHEETAH SCS Shifter. Known today as "America's Best" racing shifter. The CHEETAH SCS Shifter is ultimate due to precise gating, solid construction, flexible heavy duty cable and smooth operation. Each model is assembled with a heavy duty Morse 5-ft cable and is the easiest shifter to install. operate and maintain. The CHEETAH SCS Shifter comes equipped with reverse lockout and neutral safety provisions.

Our product known as "The Switch" was developed in 1986. It comes equipped with an industrial stretch cord and a heavy duty quick acting switch which provides durability and performance for transmission brakes and nitrous systems.

Turbo Action in 1989 released the unique new concept in control and safety of the vehicle with our Command Center for the CHEETAH SCS Shifter and other popular brand shifters. Our Command Center won runner-up position at the 1989 Sema Show as Best Race Product.

As Turbo Action advanced into the 1990's, Turbo Action released the long waited CHEETAH Pro Series Brake for Torqueflite. This brake for the Mopar racers offers quick lock up on roll into stage light; instant release for quick reaction time; low horsepower usage for quick ETis; clean releases for reliability; and two major safety circuits. Special safety features include: No brake in reverse. neutral, second or third gear; and automatic low roller clutch protection with timed release low band, allowing a clean 1-2 shift.

In addition for the 1990's, an all new concept was developed for the Aluminum Powerglide shifter problem. Our "MultiUse Powerglide Selector Shaft Kit" offers safety, function and flexibility. No more unsafe swaps at the track.

During January 1992 we released our new Turbo 400 CHEETAH Pro Series Tranz Brake Valve Body and transmission.

Turbo Action released the Turbo 350 CHEETAH Pro Series Tranz Brake Valve Body and transmission in 1993.

In 1995 Turbo Action released the Powerglide CHEETAH Circle Track Electric Manual Valve Body, Powerglide Circle Track Transmissions, CHEETAH Circle Power Direct Drives and the Turbo Action Circle Track totally locked up Torque Converter. The Turbo Action Circle Track Torque Converter along with a CHEETAH Circle Track Electric Manual Valve Body is a must for oval track racing. Our new system allows the racer to go into the turns tighter and come out quicker

The year 1997 Turbo Action released the Turbo Hydro 200 Lightweight Transmission and Manual Valve Body The Turbo Hydro 200 transmission is a must for the budgeted racer who wants to go fast.

Turbo Action in 1997 released a new Power Shifts Shift Improvement Program for the Chrysler enthusiast. The A518 and A500 CHEETAH Power Shifts Shift improvement Program provides Better Performance, Better Mileage (Less Slippage), Better Life (Less Heat), Better Handling/Control (More Responsive) and Clean, Positive Shifts. Each kit comes complete with all necessary parts and instructions.

In the year 1998 the New Turbo Action CHEETAH E-SHIFT Valve Body was released. These new valve bodies provide electronic shift control of your automatic transmission. The first valve body for scheduled release was the TH200 followed by the Torqueflite. September 1998 a new state of the art shift controller called the CHEETAH E-SHIFT Controller was released.

From 1970 to 2000 and Beyond, Turbo Action Is "Always A Shift Ahead" PitStopUSA.com features Turbo Action products at low everyday prices.