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Torsen Gleason Differentials are a popular choice of winning race teams everywhere.

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Torsen Gleason Differentials
Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! We feature Torsen Gleason Differentials at low everyday prices.
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Description: Differential Carrier, Gleason Torsen, 31 Spline, Bearings / Shims, Iron, Frankland / Winters Quick Change, Each
Item #: FRKKT0100
Condition: New
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More About Torson Traction

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! The Torsen Gleason is one of the most widely used differentials in motorsports today. Automotive differentials, devices that allow one drive wheel to turn faster than the other when the car is cornering, are necessary in passenger cars and trucks. During cornering, the outside wheel follows a larger radius than the inside wheel and therefore travels a greater distance. Differentials allow one drive wheel to speed up while the other one slows down by the equal amount. This differential action is accomplished by interconnecting the inboard ends of the two axles with a series of gears. The most common type of differential is the simple open differential. Gleason Notables: 1. If your rear end application utilizes threaded ring gear bolts they should not protrude more than one thread through the ring gear. 2. Frankland Originals must use a single row pinion support bearing (QC0170) for clearance purposes. We feature