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VTAC Digital Tachometer is the choice of winning Outlaw Sprint Car, Mini-Sprint and Midget drivers

More About VTAC Racing Products

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! VTAC Racing Products Digital VTAC Digital Tachometer is the choice of winning drivers. Outlaw proven by top drivers, the VTAC has long been a favorite of top World of Outlaw Sprint Car teams. Many top World of Outlaw Dirt Late Models teams like top runners rely on the VTAC for the edge it gives them. With lap by lap, 2 HIGH & 2 LOW RPM Per lap - up to 100 Laps - their VTAC is the ONLY tach that can stay with them for the WHOLE race. No other tachometer gives teams the invaluable information of RPMS of a whole race - NOT JUST 2 LAPS! When you know what RPM you are turning for a WHOLE race (not just when qualifying, or the High RPM spike when your tires break loose) you can select the RIGHT gears, and tune your engine for the TRUE RPM you need. Your VTAC Digital Tach will give you that- this is not the "model T" tach - your VTAC gives you the REAL story - for the WHOLE race. When you are looking for the right gear selection you can't afford NOT to know what you are really turning! VTAC starts when you start your engine; you donat have to turn it on or off. While you are on the track, VTAC DISPLAYS RPM. Once you reach 4000 RPM (or >6500 for Mini-Sprints) with a 500+ RPM difference between the high and low, VTAC begins recording. VTAC records your 2 high and 2 low RPMs per lap. Yellow flag laps are ignored (VTAC stores only the lowest RPM of the yellow flag). When you finish a race VTAC will display 0000. This means you have recorded laps in memory that you can look at any time until you restart your motor. To See Your Max RPM and Best Lap hold the RECALL button in for 3. The second line will show the BEST LAP (the lap with the highest highs & highest lows.) Once you have brought up your BEST LAP, just press and release the RECALL button to scroll through each lap of your race (from 1 to 100 laps). We feature VTAC Digital Tachometers at low everyday prices!